The People

Petter Pettersen, CCO
Petter has had leading & commercial positions in several fishing technology companies as well as in the chemical industry. Main experiences: Sales and Marketing Director in trawl sensor manufacturer Scanmar , Head of Sales in world leading net cleaning robotics for aquaculture company MPI-Norway , Business Development Manager in nano technology start-up Funzionano, as well as holding board positions.


Malcolm Chalmers, COO
Malcolm has extensive experience from the fish farming, maritime technology and oil industry in Norway and Scotland, both as an Engineer, Sales-Engineer and within production management.


Ulf Lundvall, CEO
Ulf has experience from leading positions in world leading trawl sensor manufacturer Scanmar for more than 20 years as well as a leading position in Kumera marine gears.

Ulf has consulting experience technically and commercially for,, and is holding the position as Chairman of the Board in Ocean Space Acoustics AS;