Cage CTRLTM has taken state of the art sub-cavitation antifouling technology to develop an eco-friendly nontoxic antifouling solution for aquaculture. The ultrasound created by the transducers cause vibration in the special aquaculture nets, which makes it virtually uninhabitable for undesired marine life, all the while being safe and non-invasive for the fish.


How it works

The ultrasound produces a pattern of increasing and decreasing pressure on the surface of the net which causes a process called non-inertial cavitation. This causes microscopic bubbles to be created by the reduced pressure cycle implode as the pressure increases. The microscopic agitation has a cleansing effect which destroys surface algae. By disrupting this first link in the food chain, the surface is kept clean and makes it much less hospitable for larger organisms that feed on the algae. The microscopic movement of water also prevents barnacle and mussel larvae from embedding on the surface.